"I love doing what I do, but the way I did it was very messy. I wanted to be more organized and systemized in a way that was easy to hand off or pull other people into.


Annika’s process was thoughtful, meticulous, and enlightening, and after working together during the #Workflowgoals package, I feel way more in control of my business and my schedule.


I feel like I can delegate things more easily, and my assistant Caitlyn knows where to go to find things now, too."

— Dannie Lynn Fountain, Marketing Expert






"There is only one of me, and doing everything has been very though. I felt like I was always a step behind, so I wanted a simple process to get more structured and productive.


The Strategy Session is a compact way to figure out what your main struggles are and find a clear path out of the chaos. It’s super personalized and action-oriented.


Now I feel clear on my to do list, without being overwhelmed or like I just added a bunch more work. I feel prepared to handle everything we discovered, and have simple steps and a plan to refer back to."

— Lisa Hennessy, Fernweh Creative Studio






"Part of building a company is hiring people before you need them, so when Annika mentioned what she could do, I was intrigued.


The impact and results she’s had on my business since then - Where do I start?


Together we streamlined my design process, and set up the most effective platforms. We increased the professionalism for my clients. Plus, she frees up my time and brain space by handling communications in a timely, detailed and dependable manner."

— Tiffany Tolliver, The EmmaRose Agency


— Deidre Dixon, Walcot Studio


— Jaimi Brooks, Therapist






"I knew I needed to do some serious work ON and IN my business, but my schedule was overloaded and I didn’t want to take any time away from my photography clients.

That’s why sitting down with Annika was amazing. I got everything I needed to do, everything I've stressed about, everything I'm behind on and struggle with all out in the open.


I left feeling lighter and with a plan to tackle all the tasks that can be overwhelming as a solopreneur. Plus, I was more calm and confident in my abilities to get this project done."

— Julie Shuford, Photographer


— Victoria Holland, Victoria Ann Events





"As a solopreneur, identifying what I needed to do everyday was a struggle. I knew I needed a more efficient workflow, but without a plan I kept falling down rabbit holes.


Workflow Express was a game changer. Now I have a clear, cohesive plan for 2019, and I feel confident and organized in the work I’m doing everyday. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have never felt that way before.


This service gets to the root of your struggles and helps you conquer your goals - in my case, attracting more ideal clients."


— Katya Mosley, SpiritgateLA





"business owner friends!"


— Marisa Suarez - Orozco, Tropic of Flowers




"I'm an extremely right-brained person and systems just do not come naturally to me. While I had the skills to deliver a product my clients love, the backend of my business has been an ongoing struggle.


Annika helped to get the jumble of ideas out of my head and onto paper. She then managed to make sense of them all and create a game plan to help me tackle all my pain spots one by one.


Annika has a lovely, calm vibe and I immediately knew I was in good hands. She's inspired me to be more efficient in my day to day by implementing small systems like time tracking and also has given me a game plan for how to tackle the big picture. I had already recommended her services to many of my small business owner friends!"






"To get extra hands and an extra brain on some of my bigger projects, I hired Annika to keep me on task and on time for both my branding workshop and my new group program.


Not only did her support take items off my plate, it allowed me to stay in my zone of genius helping my clients.


Annika is a joy to work with! Every entrepreneur’s dream team all wrapped up in one fabulous, efficient, resourceful package. I love knowing I can bring her in for special projects when I need help!"

— Hilary Hartling, Brandpolish Co.

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